Adam’s Alliance

In January 2004, Adam’s wife, Jessica established Adam’s Alliance. The goal of Adam’s Alliance, which is made up of Adam’s friends and family is to raise funds in order for the essential research for a cure to continue.

In 2007, Adam’s sister-in-law, Leanne started Adam’s Alliance, MS Crop. Thanks to the hard work of our family and friends, we have raised $54,505. We would like to see our efforts increase even more. On behalf of Adam’s Alliance, 100% of the proceeds from our events are donated to continue research efforts.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system. Some symptoms of MS may include loss of balance, impaired vision and hearing, fatigue, muscle weakness and, in some, paralysis. Even simple everyday living skills become increasingly difficult. Everyone is affected differently by these symptoms.

Fortunately, since Adam’s diagnose in August 2003, he has not suffered as badly as most of the 400,000 other Americans with MS.  Not only do we want to help Adam, but also the many others diagnosed with MS. As of now, there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis, which is why fundraising is so important.