Adam’s Alliance FAQs

Are there any registration options that change the price?
No. If you decide not to participate in lunch or dinner or both the price remains the same. If you need to leave early or you are arriving late the price remains the same. You may skip a meal because of dietary requirement or even simple preference. However, our event is a fixed price Benefit Event for Charity.

I’m not sure I can go! Can you save me a spot?
No. Seats are not reserved until registration form and payment have been received.

Do I have to register or can I just show up at the event?
Registration (and payment) are required ahead of the event. We use this information for seating chart and catering details.

Can I pay with Paypal or Credit Card?
Yes. We now accept Paypal or Credit Cards via Paypal. Please click on the link for registration, then click on the link for online registration.

Is there a registration option that doesn’t include food?
No, see FAQ #1.

I have a special dietary need (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). Do you take special requests to accommodate these needs?
No. See FAQ #1. You do have options though! Typically, we serve a salad with each meal. We also have two restaurants, two bars that serve food and a Casey’s if you would like to order something from there. We also have a grocery store with some pre-packaged foods.

Can I get a discounted price, if I can’t attend the whole day?
No, see FAQ #1.

Is Adam’s Alliance a fundraising organization?
Yes, all money raised is donated to the Greater Illinois Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. From every $1 donated to the NMSS, 55 cents is used for research efforts, as there is currently no cure for Multiple Sclerosis. 34 cents is used for programs and education and 11 cents is used for their fundraising and management.

Where is the Wesleyan Hall located?
The Wesleyan Hall is located at 817 8th Street. The Erie United Methodist Church is located at the corner of 8th STREET and 8th AVENUE. The Wesleyan Hall is the grey/green Morton building next door.

Does the hall have WIFI?
The hall does have WIFI, However, it is not set up for 80 people to be surfing the web all at once. Please keep that in mind when the internet connection is bogged down.

Will there be a place to plug things in?
Yes. Outlets are provided near all tables. You are encouraged to bring your own extension cord to guarantee you can reach the provided outlets.

Can I hand out information for my scrapbooking event?
Yes, we have no objections. You are more than welcome to place materials at the attendees’ seat. You may also contact Leanne about having your event listed at

Is there coffee served there?
Yes. Coffee and other drinks are available from beginning to end.

Can I bring my own drinks?
Yes. We will have pop (typically, Dt Pepsi, Dt Coke, Sprite, Root Beer), Bottled Water, Ice Tea and Coffee. However, if you would like something else, please feel free.

Can I be seated in a certain part of the hall (IE: along a wall, near the bathroom, etc.)?
You can always make a request. We will try our best to accommodate when preparing the seating chart. However, we ask that you keep in mind that there is only so many seats along the wall or near the bathroom.

I’m a vendor. Can I sell my products at the crop?
We have four spots reserved for scrapbooking companies. If you are interested, please contact Leanne. Spots fill up fast. We are always looking for donations for our raffle table or door prizes. Therefore, if you miss the chance to be a vendor, that is another way to get your name in front of the attendees.